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For years we have been perfecting and fine-tuning, our accumulated knowledge and expertise in two major areas:

Custom-built, Precision Machined Parts & Assemblies

Technical Visual Communication Projects

We utilize advanced CNC Milling, Turning, Grinding and EDM Machines to manufacture complex geometry. Our metal fabricating department can shear, bend and weld most metals.

Combining our Creative talent and Engineering experience we create visual communication content including training manuals, product demonstrations, augmented reality enabled work instructions & holographic presentations.

Our team can take your storyboards to Production Render Edits & AR applications utilising a follow-the-sun approach leveraging the near 12 hour time difference with the western world.

Tetrixs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held, Indian company - ideally located, 6 kms from the Cochin International Aircargo Complex & 30 kms from ICCT DPWorld Seaport (A major hub port at 11 nautical miles to the International Sea Route with capability to handle Mother Cargo Vessels) enabling us to offer excellent logistic costs & shortest shipment lead times.

"We place our profound appreciation to Tetrixs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for their support through precision manufacturing amid HS-12 Helicopter Update Program for the Indian Defence."

Philippe Melmer, Project Manager
Thales Underwater Systems, France
"I have conducted approximately 25 projects with Texar group companies over the past 20 years. The quality of machining on close tolerance jobs has matched those of US and European manufactures."

Bob Dealey
Owner, Dealey’s Mold Engineering, USA

The Reliable

We are committed to take your job from concept to the final product with thorough in-process Quality Checks.

CNC & Conventional Machining

We utilize CNC Milling, Turning, Grinding and EDM Machines to manufacture complex geometry.


Our metal fabricating department can shear, bend and weld most metals.

Technical Visual Communication

Utilizing 3D computer graphics, we build content to visualize, market and train on complex technical subjects.

We also provide Plasma/ iON/ Gas Nitriding, HVOF, Vaccum Heat Treatment, Shot Peening, Hard Anodising, Polyurethane Coating,Hard Chrome Plating, Powder Coating etc along with any custom testing and certifications like Pressure & Flow Tests.

Our Tools of Trade

Case Studies

It's our job to create
what you concieve

Engineering Projects
Technical Visualization Projects

All our projects are bound by NDAs and we adhere to strict control of proprietary data. A few case studies, with prior written permission from respective clients, are listed above.
Images used are for representative purposes only. Please feel free to mail us for details on any of the services we offer.

Augmented Reality

Expanding possibilities
with AR!

Combining our years of experience in chasing microns and working with CAD data we have been extensively researching on the use of 3D overlays to simplify manufacturing tasks & believe that merging the virtual data on physical objects can open up possibilities in step-by-step work guides, inspection, testing & visual communication through holographic projections along with protection of confidential project data.

AR in Custom Manufacturing

We are confident that in the near future we will be able to give each client a login access leading to a web AR page, wherein, by pointing their device's camera to the unique part number engraved on the shipped item, customers would be able to project as overlay on part or print the various inspection and test reports associated with each custom built part.

AR in Visual Communication

On the Technical Visual Communication front, getting to work on several AR proects was a natural progression to our 3D animation work and we have published several applications to seamlessly project 3D content using mobiles, tablets and headsets thereby enabling an immersive digital experience that can be extensively used to simplify communication of 3D content for online sales presentations, trade-shows, briefing centers, virtual events and operator trainings etc.

Please click the above thumbnails for details on Possibilities in AR use cases. Stock images are used, as all our client works are confidential.
Feel free to get in touch with us to discus on areas of where we can apply this fastest growing field in history of computing.

Our Team