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Our core skill is combining our Creative Talent and our understanding of Machines to cater to innovative industry specific solutions.

Our Story

Trans Techno

Our machine shop and fabrication division serves a wide variety of customers in various engineering industries. We utilize CNC Milling, Turning, Grinding and EDM Machines to manufacture complex geometries in custom-built and precision machined components. Our metal fabricating department can shear, bend and weld most metals.

Tetrixs Technologies Pvt Ltd

Our technical animation and visual communication division started out as an offshoot of the CAD/CAM team from our machine shop - Trans Techno. With growing interest in visual communication using animation as a platform, Tetrixs has been building an impressive portfolio of completed projects.

Augmented Reality Enabled Manufacturing

Combining our years of experience in chasing microns and working with CAD data we have been extensively researching on the use of 3D overlays to simplify manufacturing tasks & believe that merging the virtual data on physical objects can open up possibilities in areas like virtual inspection & visual communication through holographic projections along with protection of confidential project data.

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